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We are a video production company in San Francisco striving to inspire positive change through social marketing.

Our signature method is to create authentic web videos with high attention to detail, and a creative readiness to nurture the magic in every project. It is this approach that makes our work stand out from the crowd.
Our clients include corporations, agencies, non-profits, and individuals. We produce online branding videos, commercial spots, and whenever possible, documentaries.

“You won’t believe how beautiful their work is…”
-Linda Siversten, New York Times best-selling author


San Francisco / Monterey
+1 415 706 5922
[email protected]

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“Creative, caring and daring; three words that were probably conceived just to describe Caroline and her team’s work.”
-award-winning filmmaker Chris Layhe.
“Caroline, after working with you it’s hard to feel it’s not the best decision to follow your lead!”
-Constance Finley
“We just won an Edison Innovation Award last month for and it really was largely due to how that video touched people. I guess that makes it an award winning video”
-Kevin Robinson,

“very powerful…thank you for work and contribution to humanity.’
-Tyler Gillen, StarMedicine Productions
caroline harrison - the hive studios

Caroline Harrison

Founder / Creative Director

I’m an award-winning director, cinematographer and editor with over a decade of experience making films. My early career revolved around big budget documentaries for the BBC and National Geographic in England. Today, I run The Hive Studios and spend my time either running around with a camera or glued to the seat of my editing chair. I am lucky to be able to say, my work is my passion.